Terms of service project service

This is how it works

  1. Survey companies register for this service here.
  2. Project request comes in from customer to Mätsverige.
  3. Survey companies send price to customer.
  4. Customer chooses survey company.
  5. Survey companies sign agreements with customers.
  6. Survey companies invoice customers.
  7. Mätsverige invoices measuring companies.


80h /month: 3000kr
Full time: 6000kr


As long as the project continues.


According to increase with customer.

Personal data policy

By registering personal information on Mätsverige.se, you give your consent for us to use these to provide an agreed service. Linked to this, your personal information may be passed on to third parties as follows:

  • The companies that are connected to Mätsverige.se and provide the service you request in your request.
  • Mätsverige.se will not sell or pass on any user’s personal data or email without consent.

  • Mätsverige.se cannot be held liable for damage that has occurred in connection with an assignment. In the event of problems, such as fraud and theft, the dispute must be handled directly between the user and the hired company.
  • Rogue companies, and companies that violate terms and conditions must be reported to kontakt@matsverige.se and may subsequently be suspended from the service.